Monday, November 19, 2012

Keep Breaking Down Those Walls

“…Always keep breaking down those walls. Keep breaking down what you think you can do. Always!
Don’t stay comfortable ever! There’s no I can’t. Ever! Anything is possible. It’s all your choice. It’s about what do you want and how you want to process…
You can encage your spirit and allow it just go and dance. If you free your body has to got to get in line. It has to! It has to listen to it. In that place of freedom, in that place of trust is the most amazing place that you can dance from”
Mia Michaels

Very wise words from Mia Michaels.
I believe as dancers and artists we should go back to this place of freedom everyday, challenging not only our bodies but who we are. Overcoming not only our fears but also encouraging others to step out and get away from their comfort zone.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Exciting News! (BFA in Performing Arts)

Exciting News!
Together with the The Gaiety School Of Acting, CoisCéim signs an historic partnership agreement with American College Dublin in the provision of a BFA in Performing Arts. The degree offers a broad and holistic approach to the performing arts, one that not only concentrates on performance from a participatory perspective but also prepares the student for the wide and exciting range of careers available in the performing arts industry.

CoisCéim’s involvement will be in the development of the dance element of the programme which will be led by Jen Fleanor. Further information is available at

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dunamaise 2012 - DANCE SUMMER CAMP

This is the final presentation of the Dunamaise Dance Summer Camp. It happened in the week of 9 to 13 of July/2012.
These dance classes in Portlaoise were funded by Laois Arts Office and as a tutor explored the basic elements of dance, space, energy & rhythm while nurturing kids expressive capacity using creative movement & contemporary dance.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Following your Steps I Created my Pattern

Well-Turned Calf, Awkwardly-Turned Ankle This is about the dance a performance at 'Dance Symposium 2011' on 10th of December 2011 - Dunamaise Arts Centre, Co. Laois.  The dancers were being trained in contemporary dance only 3 months before the actual performance and their age were 11 to 14 years old.

The Dance Symposium aimed to connect  communities by  cultivating a network of dance artists/bodies working and  funding work made in Laois and across the Midlands, to create  opportunities  for  community  practitioners  and  participants  to  engage  and  exchange with professional dance bodies and to build  a  cohesive  program  of  dance  training  and  audience  participation  in  Laois  that  is  inclusive, sustainable and consistent.
The program was divided into three sections. The first section was with performances, the second section was given to Philippa Donnellan (CoisCeim Dance Theatre - Broadreach), Nick Bryson (Legitimate Bodies Dance Company),
Maria Kerin and Anica Louw (Shawbrook Dance School) to make presentations on live/recorded performance and a lecture. The third section consisted of discussion and development meetings.

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