Thursday, December 3, 2015

LYDE Fundraising

         Firstly, I want to thank all those who supported our FUNDit campaign. We were so encouraged by your generosity.
As  we  didn’t  achieve  our  target  in the  campaign, we  were unable to receive any of the funding offered to us. Therefore, we have created a pay pal account where you can make your donations at any time you wish. To make a donation you will have to click on ‘LYDE Donations’ button in this webpage (at the right side on your screen).

Who we are:
         Laois Youth Dance Ensemble is a contemporary dance group from County Laois, Ireland, providing  for  young  people (aged 12-19)   from   all   cultures  and backgrounds the opportunity to experience dance in a context that values the individual.  The ensemble gives young people a unique voice, facilitating dance training   and  comprehensive  artistic  education  that  fosters  excellence in technical performance and freedom of artistic creation.

Why donate:
        Since  LYDE  was  founded in 2013,  Dunamaise Arts Centre has supported the ensemble with investment in kind. Laois Arts Office has also been supporting us through Arts Act grant Scheme (maximum awarded: 350). Unfortunately, all our Arts Council applications up to date has been   unsuccessful.
        With  all  costs  that  a  dance  company needs to  cover their basic needs, we understand  that  is  necessary  to look for support outside our main cultural bodies. Therefore, we’re asking your help to strength our work.

For 2015-2016 project (‘Identity’) we’re investigating what is deep within us,  finding  also what is superficial  so  we  can  relate  to  our influences and personal experiences. Identity will also be our new dance piece and dance film. It shall express who we are and facilitate new discoveries which will lead us to new ways of movement and approaches.
I thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness.
Yours truly,
Erica Borges
           Laois Youth Dance Ensemble artistic director

Laois Youth Dance Ensemble Fundraising event