Thursday, October 30, 2014

Laois Dance Platform 2015

Aiming to contribute to County Laois community life and culture by promoting dance as a central artform, Laois Dance Platform also has a goal to develop more cultural diversity and the discovery by young people of news dance styles and practice among locally based dance teachers, dance professionals, students and audiences. 
2014 event had a growth of 100% and we're expecting bigger audience and greater performances for our 3rd edition. If you would like to participate please email for forms and details. 

Please check it out how LDP 2014 was like:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

10 Rules for Succeeding In Hollywood (LIFE)

I believe this article  serves not only for people pursuing success in Hollywood, but in Life! Therefore, I would like to share it here:


10 Rules for Succeeding In Hollywood

1. When you come to Hollywood you have to think, "what am I going to give," not "what am I going to get." Most people come to LA to "get" things. They want something. Hollywood will not respond to you unless you are ready to give something. That needy energy of wanting to get, can be seen in an instant by the people in this industry. The more you are willing to give, the more excited and interested people will be in you.
2. Hollywood runs on energy. If you don't have a great positive energy that is radiating out of your body, you will likely be unemployed because positive energy is the Hollywood currency.

3. Authenticity: Be courageous enough to be yourself. Which is not an easy thing because many people will tell you that who you are, is not enough. All the great stars are authentic. Leonardo Di Caprio told me, that he didn't become successful "until he was willing to be his true self."
4. You don't attract the people you want, you attract who you are. So, if you're a superficial person then you're going to meet a lot of superficial people. If you have negative friends, well that's because you're negative. Like attracts like. I am aware that there is a different side of Hollywood as well -- a dark side. If you encounter these kinds of people then ask yourself, why you are meeting people like that? See what changes you need to make in yourself to attract the people you want.
5. Be proactive, not reactive. Hollywood admires people who don't sit around and complain or blame anyone. Make your own opportunities, create your own projects. The business has changed, now you can make your own film easily with current technology and you have so many outlets to have your work seen. Being an actor now is better then ever!
6. Gratitude. One of the things that Hollywood likes very much is gratitude. I find that most of the people on top are kind and humble. They tell me that they feel fortunate and grateful to be in this business. Some realize that it is not just about being a "movie star," but how they can use their fame to help benefit the world.
7. Inspire people with your humanity and your ideas so that they will want to work with you. Learn to build bridges. Remember everyone wants to be involved in a project that has meaning.
8. Become the person you have never been. To achieve something you have never achieved, you will have to learn to become the person you have never been. You will have to give up any negative ideas, behavior or friends that are holding you back. When you act differently the result will be different.
9. Ask for help. You can't do anything alone. All stars ask for help. You will need help from a strong artistic community or a mentor. Everything I have learned I learnt from someone kind enough to share their information with me. Nothing can be done alone. To achieve anything great here, you have to have a lot of collaborators. You couldn't make a film on your own. In fact, the only thing you can do alone is fail.
10. Why do you want this? Your dreams must be more meaningful then your fears. Only then will you be unstoppable. Don't have a plan B and then your plan A will have to succeed.
The way you make it in Hollywood is that you to have a strong why, enormous energy, openness, gratitude, a meaningful dream -- full of passion and a feeling of wanting to give. Ask for help and know that a lot of work and training will need to be done. Because... "The express elevator to success is broken, so you will have to take the stairs."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Laois Youth Dance Ensemble

Since September 2013, Laois Youth Dance Ensemble has facilitated young people to create and produce contemporary dance works to a high standard of performance, through weekly workshops, annual showcases and attendance at renowned youth dance festivals in Ireland such as Dublin Youth Dance Festival and NoiseMoves Dance Festival.
If you’re passionate about dancing and want to be part of this exciting dance group come along to
FREE auditions on the first day! 
Info and registration: LYDE artistic director Erica Borges 087-132 8852. 

* The audition will consist of a workshop, followed by a short interview.
Meeting Schedule:
@ Dunamaise Arts Centre on Saturdays from 20 September 2014 to June 2015:
2-3pm Juniors (Ages 9-12); 3-5pm Seniors (Ages 13-19).
Members Annual Fee: ONLY €100 for Juniors; 150 for Seniors (Sept 2014-June 2015)
For those already attending dance classes in Portlaoise or around the Co. Laois, it can be a boost into the dance skills besides making your local dance school/teacher proud. This exciting new dance ensemble seeks young people who are passionate about dance, love to perform and have the commitment to make the most of this opportunity.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Laois Youth Dance Ensemble, Dublin Youth Dance Company, Laois Dance Academy, Abbeyleix School of Dance, Rainbow Castle and Happy Hearts Kids Club made the event this year. A hundred and ninety four people in the audience witnessed something magical happening since the very beginning of the show with a mix of ballet and street dance as opening section. The show had a good variety of dance styles from Contemporary to Zumba and performers from 3 years old upwards. 
Laois Dance Platform has been having a great response from the audience and has made me reflect as project coordinator and director of the show, on what Laois Dance Platform really means and where it could go in the years to come. I understand that to effectively contribute to our community is a job that we all can do by using our skills and talents and that doesn’t require much to add some colour and light around us, but what really means to be part of a community? Has LDP achieved the goal to be an event for the community or is it an isolate occasion within Laois community?
When I first thought about having a platform to showcase dance in Laois I asked myself the difference about having a regular dance show and a show that creates space where people have their voice heard. We all know that every artistic contribution with or no intention proposes appreciation for arts and develops our interest for creativity; every dance performance contributes to that. However, not all dances contribute to community gathering and growth. To let people speak through their collaboration contributes to it and it can only be done through gathering. There’s power and growth in that. There’s a power in being together for one purpose and light in being available for collaboration.
As coordinator of this project I find difficult for Laois dance related people to put aside their own interest and join the movement of ‘being available for collaboration’. As mentioned before, I recognize that to contribute to our community is a role that we all can do by using our time and capacities, but it can achieve a bigger goal when done as a team. I’ve been finding difficult to sow this seed around Laois. I know it might take time (maybe a decade!) but it’s frustrated to fight for a cause on our own.
As contemporary dance teacher I have heard in my town the question: “What is contemporary dance?” and seeing students in primary schools that I teach knowing usually about one dance style: Irish dancing. Nothing against this lovely dance style and people’s uninterest for other dance styles, but this to me reflects that people in my community are living in narrow culture world. Who to blame? There’s blame?  Maybe if we could collaborate to people’s culture by opening widows of other possibilities for them, wouldn’t we be adding life and expanding their cultural view?
I am quite happy with the contribution that LDP has been making so far in Laois Community but I don’t  want be content to what is happening until I see that people have been given other options, that they can relate to what is around them instead of following a tradition or fashionable dance styles. Maybe in the future LDP will have nothing to do with Laois dance schools and will be exclusively devoted to dance itself independently of where it comes from. Even so, I want to make sure that I’ll create a space where my community can affordably have access to arts and culture, to find out new ideas and to consider others possibilities.
We have long way to go as our first LDP only started December, 2013 with a small audience of 80 people,  but I am thankful for our achievements so far. The number of our audience have doubled and is fantastic, but better than numbers would be to hear from Laois dance related people their sincere desire to collaborate to the movement of giving our community the opportunity to become a referential of dance in Ireland.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Laois Dance Platform 2014

Laois Dance Platform is looking for original dance works, from dance artists/teachers/dance schools especially in the County Laois to showcase a wide range of dance styles to current and potential dance students and audiences. Aiming to contribute to County Laois community life and culture by promoting dance as a central artform, Laois Dance Platform also has a goal to develop more cultural diversity and the discovery by young people of news dance styles and practice among locally based dance teachers, students and audiences. No matter what your age, style of dance or skill level, you are invited to get involved. This is a great opportunity to watch each dance work, share your feedback, and help shape the future development of what you’ve seen.

 Laois Dance Platform 2014 details: 

* Saturday 10th May, 2pm at Dunamaise Arts Centre
* Each piece should be a maximum of 10 minutes, maximum 10 participants.
* Candidates must submit a completed application form by April, 18th
* Participation fee per school/choreography: € 50
* Forms and application email
* Each group will have 15mins in the theatre beforehand to clarify their technical requirements (music and simple lighting) and it is unlikely that there will be a dress rehearsal.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Laois Youth Dance Ensemble 1st Performance

Laois Youth Dance Ensemble is a newly formed contemporary dance group aiming to achieve quality and freshness in what they do. Since September 2013, LYDE has been giving opportunities to young dancers to participate in the creation, production and performance of contemporary dance works and has also been creating and developing dance for the County Laois community. 
In this performance (FOLLOWING YOUR STEPS I CREATED MY PATTERN) we were inspired by the the Renaissance period, a cultural movement which saw a resurgence in learning based on classical sources. As choreographer I attempted to show that we are still following the model of the ballet courts by aiming for aesthetics outcomes, however, we have broken the socio-cultural bondage by bringing to the stage ordinary people with ordinary steps and styles,resurging throughout our socio-inclusion a new learning which can be available to anyone.
* More Info:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Laois Youth Dance Ensemble started in September 2013 from a dream and passion that I had from long time ago. To have the Dunamaise Arts Centre through its director Michelle de Forge, embracing this vision of offering dance to young people in Laois is more than a honour to me, is an encouragement to keep me on going.
With no funds to support us financially and much work to do, LYDE has giving me such pleasure and joy to work with. Not only because I have been blessed to have lovely and talented dancers but I also have belief that our future shall be much brighter and our creativity will break boundaries of the imagination generating what is fresh and unique to our audience.
I'm not only looking ahead, I am looking forward to what else is coming! After our first appearance at Laois Dance Platform on 7th Dec, 2013 I became more certain that LYDE will walk with lifted eyes  to see dreams to come.

If you're 12+ and would like to join us, come on 1st Feb, 3-5pm for an experience Workshop. LYDE is a contemporary dance group that strives for excellence and seeks for passionate and committed dancers who wants to take the most of this experience.

MORE INFO, Dunamaise Arts Centre