Friday, February 21, 2014

Laois Youth Dance Ensemble 1st Performance

Laois Youth Dance Ensemble is a newly formed contemporary dance group aiming to achieve quality and freshness in what they do. Since September 2013, LYDE has been giving opportunities to young dancers to participate in the creation, production and performance of contemporary dance works and has also been creating and developing dance for the County Laois community. 
In this performance (FOLLOWING YOUR STEPS I CREATED MY PATTERN) we were inspired by the the Renaissance period, a cultural movement which saw a resurgence in learning based on classical sources. As choreographer I attempted to show that we are still following the model of the ballet courts by aiming for aesthetics outcomes, however, we have broken the socio-cultural bondage by bringing to the stage ordinary people with ordinary steps and styles,resurging throughout our socio-inclusion a new learning which can be available to anyone.
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