Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Laois Youth Dance Ensemble started in September 2013 from a dream and passion that I had from long time ago. To have the Dunamaise Arts Centre through its director Michelle de Forge, embracing this vision of offering dance to young people in Laois is more than a honour to me, is an encouragement to keep me on going.
With no funds to support us financially and much work to do, LYDE has giving me such pleasure and joy to work with. Not only because I have been blessed to have lovely and talented dancers but I also have belief that our future shall be much brighter and our creativity will break boundaries of the imagination generating what is fresh and unique to our audience.
I'm not only looking ahead, I am looking forward to what else is coming! After our first appearance at Laois Dance Platform on 7th Dec, 2013 I became more certain that LYDE will walk with lifted eyes  to see dreams to come.

If you're 12+ and would like to join us, come on 1st Feb, 3-5pm for an experience Workshop. LYDE is a contemporary dance group that strives for excellence and seeks for passionate and committed dancers who wants to take the most of this experience.

MORE INFO, Dunamaise Arts Centre