Monday, November 19, 2012

Keep Breaking Down Those Walls

“…Always keep breaking down those walls. Keep breaking down what you think you can do. Always!
Don’t stay comfortable ever! There’s no I can’t. Ever! Anything is possible. It’s all your choice. It’s about what do you want and how you want to process…
You can encage your spirit and allow it just go and dance. If you free your body has to got to get in line. It has to! It has to listen to it. In that place of freedom, in that place of trust is the most amazing place that you can dance from”
Mia Michaels

Very wise words from Mia Michaels.
I believe as dancers and artists we should go back to this place of freedom everyday, challenging not only our bodies but who we are. Overcoming not only our fears but also encouraging others to step out and get away from their comfort zone.