Sunday, July 28, 2013

Teaching Dance in Schools

As a Dance Teacher I find great pleasure in teaching dance in schools. I've been teaching dance classes in Portlaoise since 2009 but I feel that teaching in schools challenges and inspires me both as a teacher and artist in a different perspective. In the journey that I had in the Timahoe National School, Co. Laois I was delighted to see the progression of each student that embarked with me in the wonderful journey of finding the relation between arts and dance. In Timahoe N.S. they have a sculpture about the Salmon of Knowledge which is the result of the residency of the artist Stefanie Bruning in 2008 and we used this piece of Art as a theme for our dance project.

To start with, I choreographed a contemporary dance phrase and taught the students. It was clear that it was a totally new experience for them all. The movements were unusual and to relate it with a piece of art seemed innovative and a bit far from what they expected of a dance class could be. After they had learned the phrase they started to move accordingly to the story, being as imaginative as they could, having also the support of not to be afraid of being creative. After both sides (myself and students) had put our input into the project, we started to mix and match what we created and also to experiment what we had using different qualities of movements.
We could had worked together for months and years experimenting and recreating our movements, but my residency in Timahoe was for only 10 weeks. The result in my view is amazing for a bunch of children who had none or very little contact with dance. They developed the theme in a very short period as growing up people, showing also that to be creative is to be innovative.

I hope you enjoy the video of my journey which I call 'Still Dance'. And I hope to continually facilitate self expression through dance not only to fulfill my desires but to have other people inspired by the dance that can come from within.